Mirroring Curves in the Sketch

You can mirror the selected curves in the sketch by using the “Mirror Entities” command. 

The command copies the selected curves and rotates 180 degrees around the selected line then pastes to create symmetric curves in the sketch.

To mirror curves in the sketch:

  1. Start the “Mirror Entities” command.
  2. The “Entities to mirror” box is active on the command dialog box.
  3. Select curves to mirror
  4. Right-click icon appears after the curves selected. Click the right mouse button to activate the “Mirror about” box in the command dialog manager. (Also you can click on the “Mirror about” box ta activate the function )
  5. Select the centerline.
  6. The mirrored curves will appear on the graphics window.
  7. Click “Ok” to create the symmetry curves and finish the command.

Activity: Draw the geometry in the figure by using the “Mirror Entities” command.

  1. Draw the connected lines by following the path of A-B, B-C, C-D, D-E, E-F
  2. Draw the centerline by using the line command
  3. Start the “Mirror Entities” command.
  4. Select the A-B, B-C, C-D, D-E, E-F curves to mirror. (Entities to mirror” box is active) 
  5. Click on the “Mirror about” box in the command dialog to activate
  6. Select the centerline
  7. The symmetry lines will be created on the graphics window.
  8. Click on “Ok” to create symmetry lines and finish the command
  9. Left or right click on the “Centerline”
  10. Select the “Construction Geometry” icon on the pop-up menu.

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