Creating a New File

You can use different methods to create a new part on Solidworks.

  1. Click on the New icon on the top toolbar
  2. Press “Ctrl+N” on the keyboard
  3. Click on “File => New” on the top bar
  4. Press and hold the “Alt” key on the keyboard then press -f- and -n-

Note: When you start Solidworks program, the new part dialog box opens automatically.

The “New Solidworks Document” dialog box will appear when you click on the “New” command. You can select the file type on this dialog box.

  1. Part: You can design a single component
  2. Assembly: You can create new assemblies by combining parts and sub-assemblies.
  3. Drawing: You can create 2d drawings of parts and assemblies. Also, you can draw 2d engineering technical drawings.

The file extensions of Solidworks:

  1. SLDASM: Solidworks Assembly Document
  2. SLDPRT: Solidworks Part Document
  3. SLDDRW: Solidworks Drawing Document

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