Zoom In or Out

There are several methods to zoom in or out in Solidworks modeling. Also, you can zoom in on a specific area in the Solidworks graphics window.

The methods to zoom in/out in Solidworks:

  1. Spin the mouse wheel forward or back
    • To zoom in spin the wheel back
    • To zoom out spin the wheel forward
  2. Right-click on the graphic window. Select the Zoom In/Out from the opening list. Click and hold the left mouse button or the middle mouse button then drag the mouse cursor up or down.
    • To zoom in: drag the cursor up
    • To zoom out: drag the cursor down
  3. Select the “Zoom In/Out” command. (View => Modify => Zoom In/Out) Click and hold the left mouse button then drag as shown in step 2.
  4. Hold down “Shift” on the keyboard and press the middle mouse button then drag the mouse up or down.
  5. By using keyboard
    • Press “Shift+Z” to zoom in
    • Press “Z” to zoom out

Note: If you want to zoom in on an area in the graphics window. Move the cursor on this area and spin back the middle mouse button.

Note: You can change the zoom direction in Solidworks.  To change zoom direction:

  1. Open the “System Options”.
    Tools => Options
  2. Select the “View” in the “System Options” tab
  3. Turn on the checkbox near the “Reverse mouse wheel zoom direction”

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