Extruded Boss/Base

You can create solid bodies by extruding a sketch or closed contours in a sketch. 

To start the “Extruded Boss/Base” command:

  1. Select the “Extruded Boss/Base” command in the “Features” tab
  2. Select the command on the path of “Insert => Boss/Base => Extruded Boss/Base
  3. Press the “S” key on the keyboard then select the “Extruded Boss/Base” command on the Flyout Toolbar

To create extruded boss or base:

  1. Start the “Extruded Boss/Base” command.
  2. Select a sketch or closed contour in the sketch
  3. Set the “Start Condition” if needed
    Start Condition methods:
    1. Sketch Plane: Extrude starts on the selected contour
    2. Surface/Face/Plane: Extrude starting region moves on the selected surface, face, or plane.
    3. Vertex: Extrude starts on the selected point. 
    4. Offset: Extrude starts at a specified distance from the selected contour. Type the offset value in the distance box in the “From” tab.
  4. Set the “End Condition” by using the “Direction 1” tab in the command property manager.
    1. To change the direction, click on the “Reverse Direction” icon.
    2. Set the “End Condition”
      End Condition methods:
      1. Blind: Extrude ends to a specified length
      2. Vertex: Extrude ends to a selected point.
      3. Up to Surface: Extruded body ends on a selected surface and extruded body end surface takes shape of the selected surface
      4. Offset From Surface: Extruded en face moved to a specified distance from the selected surface
      5. Up  To Body: Extruded body ending face finishes on a selected body.
      6. Mid Plane: Symmetrical extrusion created on both sides of the start sketch

Tutorial: Create a 3D model of the image


  1. Draw the base sketch as shown in the figure below
    1. Draw straight slot
    2. Draw circle on slot centers
    3. Make dimensioning
    4. Exit Sketch
  2. Start Extrude command
    1. Select the created sketch
    2. Set the “End Condition” as “Blind”
    3. Set the distance as  10mm
    4. Click “Ok” to create a base body
  3. Start the “Sketch” command.
    1. Select the plane on the middle of the created body (shown in the figure below)
    2. Draw the shape and fix it by dimensions
  4. Start the “Extrude” command
    1. Select the sketch.
    2. Set the “End Condition” as “Mid Plane”
    3. Set the distance as  20mm
    4. Click “Ok” to create a boss
  5. The 3D model created.
  6. Save the document.

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