Sketch Chamfer

Sketch Chamfer command creates chamfers at the intersection of two lines. 

Command Placement: As shown in the figure; Sketch Command Manager => Fillet drop-down arrow => “Sketch Chamfer”

To create chamfers, activate the command then select the first and second lines.


  1. You can create multiple chamfers within a single Sketch Chamfer command
  2. You can select first and second lines or intersection point of two lines to create a chamfer
  3. Two lines might be connected or not. The lines will be connected on a chamfer.
  4. Curves might be straight lines to create a sketch chamfer on them.

Chamfer Methods: 

  1. Angle-Distance
  2. Distance-Distance
  3. Equal Distance

Problem:  In some conditions, you might have an error message like “The chamfer could not be added because the specified distance would eliminate one of the elements.”

Solution: This error occurred because at least one of the lengths of the line is smaller than the chamfer length. Check the line length or chamfer size. Line length should be bigger than chamfer size.

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