Circular Sketch Pattern

You can create circular patterns in the sketch by using “Circular Sketch Pattern” in Solidworks.

To create a circular pattern:

  1. Activate the “Circular Sketch Pattern”
  2. Select the entities in the sketch to create a pattern. The selected curves will be seen in the “Entities to Pattern” box in the command property manager.
  3. Select the center point to pattern around.
    To select a center point; click on the box that “Point-1” written in it and click on a point in the graphics window. (By the default sketch center point assigned as a center point)
  4. To change the pattern direction click on the “Reverse Direction” icon near the “Point-1” box in the figure.
  5. Set the “Numer of Instances” 
  6. Click “Ok” to create a pattern and finish the command.

Note: You can specify a pattern center point by using the “Circular Sketch Pattern” command dialog property manager. 

To specify a circular center point by using property manager:

  1. Radius: Set the distance between the patterning object and the pattern center.
  2. Arc Angle: Set the angle between the x-axis and patterning start object

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