Creating Text in SolidWorks

You can create texts and you can use these texts to create solid bodies or create features on the solid body in Solidworks modeling

To create text

  1. Click on the text command as shown in the figure
  2. The “Sketch Text” command property manager will open on left
  3. Select curve to create text on it.
  4. Click on the text typing area in the command property manager.
  5. Type text
  6. Click “Ok” to create text and finish the command.

Note: You can change text direction by flipping it vertical and/or horizontal. The figure shows the function icons to flip text direction.

To change the text font:

  1. Turn off the checkbox near the “Use document font”
  2. Click on the “Font” icon
  3. The “Choose Font” box will open.
  4. You can change the font, font style, height, effects in this function box.

Problem: Typed text missing in the graphics window

Solution: Curve length is not enough for the text. Increase the curve length or decrease text height.

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