NX CR 2206

Arc in NX Sketch

NX Release: 2206

The “Arc” command is used to create arcs in the sketch environment in Siemens NX.
Also, you can use shortcut “A” to start the “Arc” command.

You can create arcs by using two different methods:

  1. Arc by 3 Points: Arc is created by using three points on the circumference. (start point, endpoint, point on the circumference)
  2. Arc by Center and Endpoints: Arc is created by specifying the center point and endpoints.

To create an arc in the NX sketch:

  1. Start the “Arc” command.
  2. Select the arc start point.
  3. Select the arc endpoint.
  4. Select a point on the circumference.
  5. To exit the command press “Esc” or the middle mouse button.

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