NX CR 2206

Fit the Whole Model into the View

NX Release: 2206

You can fit the whole model into the graphics window by using quick-access commands, or normal commands in Siemens NX.

Methods to fit the model into the view by using the quick-access commands:

  • Press and hold the right mouse button on an empty area in the graphics window for three seconds.
  • The quick-access commands will appear around the mouse cursor as shown in the figure.
  • Move the mouse cursor on the “Fit” command icon.
  • Release the right mouse button on the “Fit” command.
  • The model will fit into the view.

Also, you can use the “Fit” (shortcut: “Ctrl+F) command on the “View Ribbon Bar” or “Top Border Bar”. You can see the locations of the commands on the graphics window. (Normally hidden on the “Top Border Bar”.)

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