NX CR 2206

Starting Assembly

There are different methods to start assembly modeling in NX. You can select an assembly file template when starting a new NX file or change the NX application to assembly modeling in an existing working file.

To create an assembly file in NX:

  1. File => New
    (New part command dialog box will open)
  2. Select the “Assembly” in the “Templates.
  3. Type the new assembly file name in the “Name” box.
  4. Click on the folder icon near the folder box to change the file-saving document location on the computer’s hard disk.
  5. To start an assembly file
    • Double-click on “Assembly”
    • Click OK button
  6. The “Assemble” command dialog box will open automatically when the assembly file opened. You can close it or use the command to add components to the assembly file.

In NX you can change the current modeling, sheet metal, or drafting application to the Assembly application.

For this operation, you should activate the “Assemblies” command as shown in the figures.

There are two different ways to activate the “Assemblies” command.

An Assembly tab will be opened on the ribbon bar after the assembly.

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