NX CR 2206

Component Color Problem in NX Assembly

In NX Assembly modeling you can assign colors to component parts in the assembly. But in some conditions, the color might not be applied to an original part file. When you open the part file in a new window you can see the part body color did not change.

You can solve this problem by using the settings in the “Edit Object Display” command as shown in the figure.

Turn on the “Apply Changes to Owning Part” checkbox in the “Edit Object Display” dialog box as shown in the figure.

Note: If this setting is inactive, this problem occurs because the “Type filter” selection wasn’t selected as “Solid Body” after the “Edit Object Display” command started.

To solve this problem

  1. Start the “Edit Object Display” command.
  2. The “Class Selection” Dialog box will open.
  3. Set the “Type Filter” as “Solid Body”
  4. Select the component in the assembly.
  5. Click the middle mouse button once a time. (or click the “Ok” button in the dialog box.)
  6. “Edit Object Dialog” box will open
  7. Turn on the “Apply Changes to Owning Part” checkbox in the settings group.
  8. Change the component color.
  9. The color of the part body is changed permanently.

Customer’s Default setting for the part color in assembly:

  1. Open the customer Defaults.
    File => Utilities => Customer Defaults
  2. On the left pane select
    Gateway => Edit Object Display
  3. Turn on the “Apply Changes to Owning Part” checkbox.

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