NX CR 2206

Offset Curve in NX Sketch

NX Release: 2206

You can create an offset of the curves at a specified distance in NX Sketch. Also, you can offset objects out of the sketch. (To select outer objects set the “Selection scope” to “Entire Assembly”)

To create an offset curve:

  1. Start the “Offset” command (The figure shows the command location on the “Home Ribbon Bar”)
  2. The command dialog will open in the graphics window
  3. Select curves to offset.
  4. Type the offset distance in the distance tab in the dialog box. Also, you can specify distance by dragging the distance arrow in the graphics window.
  5. If you want to create an offset on the other side of the selected curve
    1. Click on the “Reverse Direction” icon in the “Offset” group
    2. Click twice on the arrowhead in the graphics window.
  6. If you want to create an offset on both sides of the curve, Turn on the checkbox near the “Symmetric Offset”.
  7. If you want to create more than one offset, Set the “Number of copies” in the “Offset” group.
  8. You can change the “Cap Options” to the “Extension Cap” or “Arc Cap”. The figure shows the difference between the “Cap Options”.
  9. In the settings group, turn on the “Create Persistent Relation” checkbox to create a relation between the offset and the selected curve. If you turn on this setting, the created offset moves, and changes when you change or move the main selected curve.
  10. If you want to change the selected curve to a reference curve, turn on the checkbox near the “Convert Input Curves to Reference”
  11. Click “Ok” to create an offset and exit the command.

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