NX CR 2206

Unbending Sheet Metal in NX

You can unbend selected bended features in NX modeling for making cutouts or details on the flattened region and bend it again in NX sheet metal modeling. 

The “Unbend” command is used for this operation.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Bend Group => Unbend
  • Menu => Insert => Bend => Unbend

Important Note: Do not use this command for exporting files to the manufacturing process. You can use the “Flat Pattern” command.

Tutorial: to Unbend sheet metal as shown in the figure.

  1. Start the “Unbend” command.
  2. To specify the fixed size of the sheet metal, select a stationary face of the model.
    The “Select Face or Edge” bar is highlighted in the graphics window.
  3. The “Select face” in the “Bend” group will be highlighted automatically.
  4. Select bends to unbend.
  5. You will see the preview of the unbended features in the graphics window.
  6. Click the “Ok” finish command.

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