NX CR 2206

Circle Creating in NX Sketch

You can create a circle in the NX sketch by using the “Circle” command on the “Home Ribbon Bar” in NX Sketch Environment.

The figure shows the Circle icon and its location on the “Home Ribbon Bar”.

To draw a circle:

  1. Start the “Circle” command
  2. Select a point in the graphics screen to specify a circle center.
  3. The preview of the circle will be seen in the graphics window and its diameter changes with the mouse cursor’s movement.
  4. Select a point to create a circle.
  5. Repeat step 2.3.4 to create new circles.
  6. Press “Esc” or the middle mouse button to exit the command.

Circle Dimensioning:

  1. Click on the Circle.
  2. The diameter will be seen in the graphics window.
  3. Click on the dimension.
  4. Type the diameter value in the dimensioning box.
  5. Press “Enter”
  6. Click the middle mouse button or click the left mouse button on the graphics screen.

Moving circle in the graphics window.

  1. Click on the Circle.
  2. The circle center mark will highlight as seen in the figure.
  3. Press and hold the left mouse button on the circle center and drag.
  4. You can drag the center to any snap point of the object in the graphics window. The relation is created between the circle center and the object.
  5. Release the left mouse button.

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