NX CR 2206

Drawn Cutout in NX Sheet Metal

The “Drawn Cutout” looks like the “Dimple” command in NX Sheet Metal. The “Drawn Cutout” is the opened version of the “Dimple”. The figure shows their difference.

To create a dimple:

  1. Draw a sketch on the planar surface of the sheet metal.
  2. Start the “Drawn Cutout” command.
    Home Ribbon Bar => Punch Group => More Drop-Down Arrow => Drawn Cutout
  3. Select Sketch
  4. If you want to change the direction, click on the “Reverse Direction” icon near the “Depth”
  5. Type the depth and angle values in the “Cutout Properties” group.
    Also, you can change depth and angle by dragging the depth arrow and angle ball indicator.
  6. Set the “Die Radius” in the “Settings” group.
    Note: There is no “Settings” group in the dialog box, click on the drop-down arrow under the dialog box to open all groups in the dialog box.
  7. If you want to soften sharp corners in the sketch, turn on the check box near the “Blend Section Corners” in the settings group.
  8. The preview will be seen in the graphics window if the checkbox near the “Preview” is turned on.
  9. Click the “Ok” button or the middle mouse button to create a Drawn Cutout and close the command.

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