NX CR 2206

Creating New File in Siemens NX

NX Release: 2206

In Siemens NX there are several methods to create a New NX file. 

To create a new file

  • Click on the New File command
    • Menu => File => New
    • File => New
    • Quick Access Toolbar => New (normally hidden)
  • Press “Ctrl+N” on the keyboard

The “New” command dialog box will open after you start the “New” command. You can select the new file unit as metric (mm) or imperial (inch) as shown in the figure.

You can select the new file type from the model tab. (Model, Assembly, Shape Studio, Sheet Metal)

To create a New NX file:

  1. Start the “New” command
  2. Specify a folder to create an NX file.
  3. Type new file name
  4. Click on the “Ok” button or click twice the middle mouse button.

Important Note: Do not use any letters out of the English alphabet when creating new files. Also, check the folders on the path of the NX file. There shouldn’t be any letters out of the English alphabet.

In the drawing tab, You can select the sheet size and the master model for the drawing.

To create a drawing for the existing part:

  1. Change the “Relationship” to “Reference Existing Part”
  2. Click on the folder icon under the “Part to Create a Drawing of” tab.
  3. the “ select CAD Source Part” dialog box will open. 
  4. Select a current part on the list or click on the folder icon to select an existing part in the computer.
  5. Click Ok to create a drawing file related to the existing NX file.

Note: You can change the file type after the NX file is created. The NX file extension is .prt for all NX files.

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