NX CR 2206

Deleting Bodies in NX Modeling

You can delete solid bodies by pressing the “Delete” button but if more than one body is created by one operation you can not delete a single body without deleting other bodies by pressing the delete button.
You can delete a body by using the “Delete Body” command.
The command location in NX modeling

  • Home Ribbon bar => Base Group properties drop-down arrow => More Gallery => Trim Gallery => Delete Body
  • Menu => Insert => Trim => Delete Body

To delete a body in the model:

  1. Start the “Delete Body ” command
  2. The command dialog box will open.
  3. The “Select Body to Delete” is highlighted automatically in the dialog box.
  4. Select Bodies in the graphics window to delete.
  5. The selected bodies will highlight in the graphics window.
  6. Click “Ok” to delete bodies.

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