NX CR 2206

Split Body in NX Modeling

You can divide a solid body or sheet body by using a face, face set, datum plane, curve, curve set, or sketch.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group => More Drop-Down Arrow => Trim Group => Split Body
  • Menu => Insert => Trim => Split Body

To split a body in NX Modeling

  1. Start the “Split Body” command.
  2. The “Split Body” command dialog box will open. The “Select Body” function in the “Target” group is automatically active at the start.
  3. Select Body to split.
  4. Activate the “Select Face or Plane” function in the “Tool” group. To activate this function:
    1. Click on “Select Face or Plane” in the dialog box.
    2. One-click on the middle mouse button
  5. Select “Tool” Object.
  6. Click “Ok” to finish the command.

You can split bodies by using curves or sketches in NX modeling. For this Operation Set the “Tool Option” to extrude or revolve then select curves and extrude or revolve curves.

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