NX CR 2206

Creating a Body of Intersections of the Body

You can create a solid body on the intersected volume of the created solid bodies in the NX Modeling by using the “Intersect” command.

Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group Properties arrow => Combine Drop-Down => Intersect (Currently hidden)

Menu => Insert => Combine => Intersect

To create solid bodies on the intersections of the solid bodies

  1. Start the “Intersect” command.
  2. The “Select Body” in the “Target Body” group is highlighted automatically.
    Select the first body.
  3. Click on the middle mouse button to activate the “Select Body” in the “Tool” Group.
  4. Select the second body.
  5. The preview of the intersection of the bodies will be seen in the graphics window.
  6. Click the “Ok” button to create a body at the intersection of the bodies.

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