NX CR 2206

Subtracting Body From Another Body

In NX modeling, you can subtract one or more solid bodies volume from a selected solid body volume. The “Subtract” command is used for this operation in the NX Modeling.

  • Home Ribbon Bar => Base Group => Subtract
  • Menu => Insert => Combine => Subtract

To remove solid bodies volume from another solid body volume in the NX Modeling

  1. Start the “Subtract” command
  2. Select Target Body.
    (The “Select Body “ in the “Target” group is highlighted)
  3. One-click on the middle mouse button to activate the “Select Body” in the “Tool” group in the dialog box.
  4. Select bodies to remove their body volume from the target body volume.
  5. If you want to keep the target or tool’s original bodies. Check the tick mark on the checkboxes in the “Keep Target” or “Keep Tool” in the “Settings” group.
    (If you can not see the “Settings group” click on the drop-down arrow on the button of the dialog box to open the settings group.)
  6. The preview will appear in the graphics window.
    (If you can not see the preview in the graphics window, turn on the checkbox near the “Preview”)
  7. Click the “Ok” button in the dialog box.

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