Siemens NX

Angular Dimension in Synchronous modeling

You can change the angle between faces by using the “Angular Dimension” command in the NX. It is currently hidden in NX 12. To learn how to make visible click here.

For using command

  1. Activate the “Angular Dimension” command in the Synchronous modeling group. 
  2. Select the reference face.
  3. Select face to rotate (Measurement tab highlighted)
  4. The angle will occur on the screen between selected faces. Define the angled side on the screen by clicking.
  5. Drag the angle arrowhead or type angle to define the angle between faces. (Rotation center will be created on the intersection of the specified origin and measurement objects)
  6. Select other faces to rotate on the model. (the difference between selections shown in the figure) 
  7. Click the middle mouse button twice or “Ok” to finish command.

Note: Also you can rotate faces by using Move Face command in the synchronous modeling.

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