Siemens NX

Resize Chamfer Curve in NX Sketch

You can change the size of the chamfers dimension by using the “Resize Chamfer Curve” command in the NX Sketch.

To change chamfer size:

  1. Start the “Resize Chamfer Curve” command. (Working Sketch activated)
    1. Menu => Edit => Sketch Curve => Resize Chamfer Curve
    2. Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch Group (Click drop-down arrow) => Edit Curve Group => Resize Chamfer Curve
  2. Select the chamfer curves to resize.
  3. Type the new size value in the “Distance” box in the “Offset” tab. Also, you can resize by dragging the arrowhead on the selected curve.
  4. Click “Ok” to finish the command.

Note: You can resize the chamfers only created by using the “Chamfer” command in the sketch. (You can use the “ Offset Move Curve” command to resize chamfers created without the “Chamfer” command.

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