Siemens NX

Resize Face

Resize Face command changes the diameter of the cylindrical face without any changes in the center of the cylinder.

To activate Resize Face” command:

  • Click on “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in Synchronous Modelling group) => Resize Face
  • Select command from “Menu => Insert => Synchronous Modelling => Resize Face”

To change the diameter of the cylindrical face by using “Resize Face” command:

  • Activate “Resize Face” command
  • Select face/faces to change diameter.
    • Equal diameters will found and selected automatically. If you want to select one or specified holes, remove click near “Select equal Radius” in the settings tab of the command window.
  • Type new diameter in diameter box. (In diameter box selected face diameter will appear after first selection of the hole)
  • Click Ok or the Middle Mouse Button to change the diameter and finish command.

Important Note: If you have stationary measures on screen and these measurements are before the “Resize Face” command on the “Part Navigator” history. Measurements on the screen are not true. This might mislead you about the dimensions of the hole. Drag measurements bottom of the part navigator and check showed dimensions. (Look figures)

Note 1: You can delete/or change hole details like countersink after used the “Resize Face” command. Look carefully hole details after using this command.

Note 2: You can use this command to find similar size holes. Click “Select equal Radius” in the “Settings” tab in the command window.

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