Siemens NX

Projected Distance

You can measure the projected distance by using the “Measure” command.

To measure the projected distance:

  1. Start the “Measure” command
  2. Select two objects to measure distance when “Object” selected in the “Object to Measure” tab in the Measure dialog box.
  3. Measure result will appear on the screen as “Minimum Distance
  4. Select the “Vector” in the “Object to Measure” tab in the dialogue box to select vector.
  5. After you select the “Vector” in the “Object to Measure” tab in the dialogue box.
    1. Arrows that simulates x, y, z-axis will appear. You can select one of these directions.
    2. You can select an object to define the measure direction vector. In the figure, I select the edge to define a vector.
  6. The result will change as “Minimum Projected Clearance

Note: If you can not see any results on the screen, look the List tab in the dialogue box. Probably you might select an unnecessary object or vector. 

For example; In the figure, I measure the projected distance between two objects. That’s because Object 1, Object 2, Vector are listed in the list. If you have other selections or wrong selections in the list, right-click on the selection in the list then click remove. (Shown in the figure)

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