Siemens NX

Measure Radius/Diameter

You can measure radius or diameter by using the “Measure” command in the NX CR. (Older versions you can measure radius by “Simple Radius” command. But with the new NX CR version you can measure both distance and radius measures by using “Measure” command.)

For measuring radius or diameter of the feature:

  1. Activate Measure command
  2. select blended feature
  3. The result box will appear on the screen. You can see the radius in the radius tab. If you want to see the result as a diameter dimension, click on the radius tab and change radius as diameter.
  4. Click “Ok” on the command window. (Also you can click MMB twice to finish command.)

Note: Also in the result box you can see the measure of Area, Perimeter, Radius or Diameter, Center of Gravity, Min. Radius of the curvature etc… (These measures changes due to selected object or objects)

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