Siemens NX

Move Component

You can change position, the direction of the components in assembly by the “Move Component” command.

Also, you can copy components while moving in assembly.

  • Select “Move Component” command from “Menu=>Assemblies=>Component Position=> Move Component”
  • Click on the “Move Component” command on Home Ribbon Bar.
  • Click on the “Move Component” command on the Assemblies Ribbon Bar.
  1. Components to Move: Select components to move (to deselect components: press shift + left mouse button). After you select the component and click middle mouse button moving handle will occur in the center of the gravity of the part 
  2. Transform: You can change the motion type from the box near the “Motion”. (I always use Dynamic. It is enough for all movements.)
  3. Dynamic handle movements:
    1. Point to point: Click origin of the handle then click then click new point to move the component
    2. Distance: Click arrow then drag on the screen. Also, you can type the distance on opening pop up.
    3. Angle: Click on a point on handle that defines the angle. You can drag or type angle 
  4. Move Handles Only: click to move handle without component movement. Components stay stable while handles move.
  5. Copy:
    1. No Copy: Move component without copying
    2. Copy: Every movement of the component will create a copy of the component
    3. Intermediate copy: It is for advanced users

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