Siemens NX

Radial Dimension in Synchronous modeling

The “Radial Dimension” command changes cylindrical or blended surface dimensions (radius/diameter) without any changes in the center coordinates. The tangent surfaces of the cylindrical face change their positions to adapt them to the change in the cylindrical surface. (The command is currently hidden in the NX 12 as other “Relate” commands. To learn how to make visible click here)

For using the “Radial Dimension” in Synchronous modeling

  • Start “Radial Dimension”
  • Select faces (You can select more than one face)
  • Type new radius value. Also, you can drag dimension arrowhead on the screen
  • Look carefully Size tab in the command window to see which dimension type selected. It is radius or diameter. 
  • Click “Ok” to finish command.

Radial Dimension: Both used for cylindrical and blended surfaces. Axis stays constant.

Resize Face: Only used for cylindrical faces. Axis stays constant. 

Resize Blend: Only used for blended surfaces. Tangent surfaces stay constant. Axis moves.

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