Siemens NX

Linear Pattern Feature

Linear Pattern is one of the pattern layout options in the “Pattern Feature” command.

To activate select “Linear” in the “Layout” option in the “Pattern Definition” tab.

For making Linear Pattern:

  1. Change Layout as a ”Linear” in “Pattern Definition” tab
  2. Select features when “Select Feature” highlighted.
  3. Define a pattern vector. There are two ways to define pattern vector
    1. Click the middle mouse button. The Specify Vector” tab will be highlighted. Select a vector when the “Specify Vector” tab highlighted.
    2. Click on the “Specify Vector” tab then select the pattern vector.
  4. Type spacing and pitch to define the pattern. You can change spacing type in the list of “Spacing
  5. If you want to symmetric pattern click on the “Symmetric” box.
  6. If you want to pattern in the second direction, click on “Use Direction 2” in “Direction 2” tab
  7. Click the middle mouse button or “Ok” to finish

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