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Measure Problems in NX

With the new version of the NX, all measure commands combined in a one single “Measure” command. In older versions, there are several commands to measure like Simple Distance, Simple Angle, Simple Length, Simple diameter. (They are all retired with the NX CR version. They are retired but you can use these commands in the NX CR.).  All these commands inserted in the “Measure” command. That’s because sometimes you might have several problems.

Problem 1:

I can not measure the distance between two objects.

Solution 1:

  1. Activate the “Distance” function in the “Result Filter” tab on the command window. (The problem might be occurred because of deactivated functions in the “Result Filter”)
  2. Look “Object to Measure” tab in the “Measure” command window. Try different objects. (Object Set might be selected) Probably the problem will be solved after “Object” in the tab selected.
  3. Look selections on the list. Unnecessary objects might be selected. Remove these selections from the list.

Problem 2:

The result is not seen on the screen.

Solution 2:

  1. Try solutions 1.1, 1.2, 1,3
  2. Zoom in or out the screen. The Measure might be out of the screen.
  3. Look “Measure” setting preferences. Your measure type might be deactivated in the preferences settings.

Problem 3:

I can not select the second object to measure

Solution 3:

“Object Set” in the “Object to Measure” tab selected. Change this selection as “Object

Problem 4:

I can not select anything on the model

Solution 4:

“Point” or “Point Set” might be selected in the “Object to Measure” tab. Change this selection as “Object”.

Problem 5:

I can not measure the angle

Solution 5:

  1. Activate the “Angle” in the “Result Filter” tab in the command window.
  2. Try solutions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Problem 6:

I can not measure the total length of the objects.

Solution 6:

  1. Select “Object Set” in the “Object to Measure” for continuous dimensioning.
  2. Look “Result Filter” tab in the dialogue box, If “Curve/Edge” selected.

Problem 7:

“Information Window” does not appear.

Solution 7:

  1. Look at the “Settings” tab in the command window. “Show Results in the Information Window” option might not be selected. Activate this option.
  2. To see the measure information window on the screen after.
    • “Show Results in the Information Window”  should be activated.
    • Select measurement objects.
    • You will see the measure on the screen. (If the measurement does not appear, you made a mistake.)
    • Click the middle mouse button once or twice to finish command
    • The information window will appear after the “Measure” command finished.

Problem 8:

I can not measure the radius/diameter of the blended surface

Solution 8:

“Face” option deselected in the “Result Filter” tab. Activate the “Face” option.

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