Siemens NX

Rapid Dimension

It creates different types of dimensions by using different methods. These methods change automatically due to the selected objects. Also, you can change the method manually by changing “Method” in the “Measurement” tab manually.

To activate command

  • Click on the command icon in the Home Ribbon Bar => Dimension Group => Rapid
  • Press “D” on the keyboard

To create dimensions

  1. Activate command
  2. Select object
  3. The dimension will be created automatically.  If you want to use this dimension, define a location for dimension. 
  4. If you want to create a dimension between two objects, Select the second object.  Then left-click on the sheet to define a location for dimension
  5. To finish command.
    • Press “Esc”
    • Click MMB
    • Activate another command.

Note: After you select the first object. Both references will be selected automatically and “Specify Location” will be highlighted.

  • If you move the mouse cursor on an object, “Select Second Object” will be highlighted. So you can select an object to define the second reference for dimension.
  • If you move the cursor on empty location and click LMB, The dimension will be created on the location you select.

If you want to change dimension reference.

  • Double click on dimension.
  • Linear dimension dialog will open
  • Click on the rectangular sign on the dimension extension line. You will see the reference selection in the dialog changing. Click on a new edge or object to define a new reference. (Look figure)

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