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Move Curve in NX Sketch

Move curve command is used to move or rotate (can move and rotate at the same time) the selected curves in the NX sketch. The dimensions on the curve are modified automatically after the synchronous “Move Curve” command is used on the curve. The constraints on the curve are deleted if it is not possible to move the curve when the constraints are existing.

To activate the “Move Curve” command:

  • Menu => Edit => Sketch Curve => Move Curve
  • Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch Group (Click Drop-Down Arrow) => Edit Curve Group => Move Curve

Tutorial: Make the changes in the figure as listed below. (Rectangle= width:100mm, height:50mm, fillet:10mm – Circle:Ø10mm)

    1. Move the top curve on the rectangle 20mm up and rotate 30 degrees.

    2. Move the top circles in the rectangle to the center of the fillet.


    1. Start the “Move Curve” command.

        1. Select the curve on top of the rectangle. (“Select Curve” highlighted in the command dialog box)

        2. Set the “Motion” (in the “Transform” tab) as “Distance-Angle”

        3. Click and hold the left mouse button on the center of the manipulator in the graphics window. 

        4. Move the manipulator to the center of the top-left circle

        5. release the left mouse button.

        6. Click on the manipulator center. The direction arrows will appear. Select the up arrow.

        7. Type 20mm in the distance box.

        8. Type 30 or -30 in the angle box. (Look at the rotation of the curve )

        9. Click the “Ok” button to apply changes and exit the command.

    2. Start the “Move Curve” command.

        1. Select the right top circle.

        2. Set the Motion type as “Point to Point”.

        3. Click on the circle center to specify the start point. (Specify From Point is highlighted. If it is not click on its tab in the command dialog box)

        4. Click on the fillet center to specify the moving endpoint. (Specify to point is highlighted.)

        5. Click “Ok” to finish the command.

    3. Repeat step 2 to move the left-top circle

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