Siemens NX

New Sheet

New sheet command crates sheets for technical drawings.

In the “Part Navigator”; “Drawing” tab will be created and the “sheets” will be listed in this tab after the command used. You can create more than one sheet in the drawings. You can activate the sheet by clicking twice on the sheet in the drawing list.

In the “Sheet” command dialog there are several options to create a new sheet


  • Use Template: Sheet will open with a template.
  • Standard Size: Empty sheet will be opened when the sheet created.
  • Custom Size: You can define sheet size.
  • Size: You can change the size of the sheet from this tab


  • Units: You can change units like millimeters or inches
  • Projection: Choose the First angle projection or third angle projection for your technical drawing. (It is the most important selection in the command. The false selection might be resulting in big mistakes/misunderstands )

Note: You can change these settings after the sheet created. To edit sheet settings.

  1. Click twice on the sheet in the “Part navigator”.
  2. Right-click on the sheet in the “Part navigator” and click “Edit Sheet” in the opened drop-down menu list.
  3. Double click on the sheet borders in the drawing screen. (Dashed lines around the page simulates the border of the drawing size.)

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