Siemens NX

View Creation Wizard

Creates model views on the sheet. By default, it creates a model view in its own file. But you can insert outer model views in the drawing sheet. To insert outer models click the “Open” box in the “Part” tab.

For using “View Creation Wizard

  1. Start Drafting application
  2. Activate command from “Home Ribbon Bar => View Creation Wizard”
  3. View of the selected part will occur on the screen. You can see the selected part from the list in the “Part” tab in the dialog box.
    • You can select another part from the list if it exists.
    • You can select the outer part from the open tab. Click the “Folder” icon in the “Open” tab to insert the outer part view.
  4. Click next to see options.
    • If the view is ok for you, click finish. The view preview seems on the screen.
  5. You can change options in the options tab.
    • View Boundary: 
      1. Automatic: NX automatically updates the scale of the view.
      2. Manual: You can change the scale of the view
    • Settings: you can change settings for view.
    • Preview Style: you can change view style as Border, Wireframe, Hidden Wireframe, or Shaded.
  6. Click next to see “Orientation“.
  7. You can change the orientation of the view. If you can not find the right orientation on the list, click the “Customized View” box to align view manually. 3d model view window will appear on the screen. The view will be created as the model seen in the 3d model window.
  8. Click next to see Layout.
  9. Layout: Select or deselect views to show on the drawing. Selected views color will be changed to yellow.
  10. Click “Finish” to create views.

Note: I prefer to use the “Base View” command instead of the “View Creation Wizard” command.

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