Siemens NX


Pan is the movement of the NX screen without any rotation.

There are two different ways to pan screen in NX.

  1. Using the MMB and RMB to pan:
    1. Press MMB and RMB at the same time. (If you can not press MMB and RMB at the same time, first press MMB then press RMB to pan screen)
    2. Move the mouse cursor while Pressing MMB and RMB
    3. Release RMB and MMB. (If you can not release MMB and RMB same time, first release RMB then release MMB)
  2. Using the “Pan” command to pan:
    1. Click on the “Pan” command on the top bar. (Shown in the figure)
    2. Press LMB and drag mouse
    3. Deactivate the “Pan” command.
      1. Press “Esc” on the keyboard.
      2. Click on “Pan” command to deactivate
      3. Click on another command to activate a new command and deactivate the “Pan” command.

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