Siemens NX

Changing Projection Angle in NX Drafting

You can change the projection angle of the technical drawing in the NX drafting from the drafting standards or at the start of the sheet.

If you want to change the projection angle by editing drafting standards,

  1. Start “Customer Defaults”.
  2. Select Drafting => General/Setup in the left navigator of the “Customer Defaults”.
  3. Click on “Customize Standard” near the “Drafting Standard”.
  4. The “Customize Drafting Standart” dialog box will open.
  5. Select Drafting “Standard => Drawing Format => Sheet” in the left navigator of the dialog box
  6. Click on the “Size And Scale” on the left side of the dialog box.
  7. Change the “Orthographic Projection Angle” as 1st or 3rd.
  8. Click on “Save As” in the dialog box.
  9. Type the new name of the standard and click “Ok”.
  10. The “Customize Drafting Standart” dialog will open again. 
  11. Look at the standard name on the top of the dialog box.
  12. Check the “Orthographic Projection Angle” as shown in the 5, 6, 7.
  13. If it is not true, change it and click on Save.
  14. Close the “Customize Drafting Standart” dialog 
  15. Look at the Drafting standard in the “Customer Defaults. Change it as a new standard created in step 9. Look at the figure below.
  16. Click on “Ok” in the dialog box.
  17. Restart NX.

If you want to change the “Projection angle” at the start of the sheet. Change the “Projection” tab as “1st Angle Projection” or “1st Angle Projection”. (This is not the complete solution. Check the projection angle on each start of the sheet creation.)

Note: You can not change the projection type after views created in the sheet.

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