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Creating Part in Assembly

You can create a new part or component in the Assembly in NX. You can model this part in the assembly by activating it on the assembly.

To create a new part or component in the Assembly:

  1. Start the “Create New” command.
    1. Assemblies Ribbon Var => Component Group => Create New
    2. Home Ribbon Bar => Assemblies Group => Drop Down arrow under Add icon => Create New
  2. “New Component File” dialog window will open. Specify the name and folder for the new part in the Assembly.
  3. “Create New Component” dialog window will open. 
    • Select nothing to create a part in the assembly.
    • Select an object/body in the assembly to import the body in the new part. (The selected body will be deleted from the assembly and imported in the new part)
    • Select parts to create component/sub-assembly in the assembly. (The selected part will be a component of the new sub-assembly.)
  4. A new part/component will create in the assembly. You can see the new component in the Assembly navigator.
  5. Double click on the part name in the assembly navigator to activate.
    You can make modeling or change the model when it is active in the assembly.
  6. To activate main-assembly again double click on its name in the assembly navigator.

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  • filbert mazo

    At this moment is loading by Creating New, when I click it’s hang.


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