Siemens NX

Mirror Feature

“Mirror Feature” command makes the symmetry of the features in the model.

Command activation:

  •  Select “Mirror Feature” command on “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in Feature Group) => Mirror Feature”
  • Select “Mirror Feature” command on “Menu => Insert => Associative Copy => Mirror Feature”

For using Mirror Feature:

  1. Activate “Mirror Feature” command
  2. Select features to mirror after command activated.  “Select Feature” will be highlighted automatically after the activation of the command.
  3.  Activate “Mirror” in the “Mirror Plane” tab. To activate this tab:
    1. Click the middle mouse button.
    2. Select “Select Plane” in the “Mirror Plane” tab.
  4. Define a plane by clicking on it.
  5. Click the middle mouse button or “Ok” to finish

One thought on “Mirror Feature

  • Hi, I would like to draw a layout that consists into mirroring a sketch twice. I attempted to use the mirror feature option twice (i.e mirroring the sketch feature and then mirroring the resulting mirrored feature) but it results in completely disturbing the pattern (the sketch ends up being rendered out of the expected bounds). Is it possible to perform twice mirroring or should I use another technique ?


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