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Create Associative Curve in Assembly Sketch

You can create an associative sketch in NX Assembly. The function is set as off by the default settings to increase pc performance and you can not permanently set this function on. To create associative curves in NX Assembly, turn on the “Create Interpart Link” on the “Top Border Bar” after the command started as shown in the figure.

Only three commands in the sketch can be used with the “Create Interpart Link” options.

  • Project Curve
  • Intersection Point
  • Intersection Curve

The curves created by these commands (the “Create Interpart Link” option is on) will be your main associative objects/curves in the sketch linked to components in the assembly. You can create associative curves or dimensions by snapping or constraining on these linked associated curves in the sketch created by the “Create Interpart Link” option.


In the figure; the sketch is created in the assembly and the two different component edges are projected in the sketch.

The first curve is projected when the “Create Interpart Link” option is set on. The projected curve color is blue and this curve is linked to the component’s edge. This means that the projected curve moves together with the component edge in the assembly.

The second projected curve is created without the “Create Interpart Link” option. As you see in the figure its color is green because it is fixed in the sketch. There is no link between the edge and the projected curve.

Note: When you use the “Project Curve” command, there will be a warning message as “You made an unassociative interpart selection, the Create Interpart Link toggle on the selection bar was toggled off. Do you want these non-associative curves to be projected to the sketch as dump curves and apply fix constraints?”

  1. Yes: The projected curve will be non-associative.
  2. No: The “Create Interpart Link” option will be activated automatically and the created curve will be associative and linked to the edge.

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