Siemens NX

Mirror Geometry

“Mirror Geometry” is the command, copies and pastes mirror of the bodies in the model.

This command is useful to mirror the full body in the model. The new body will be created after the command used. You can see bodies in the model by clicking the right mouse button on part navigator then selecting “Timestamp Order”.

Changes in “Mirrored Geometry” updates on the copied new bodies. If you don’t want to update the new model, unclick “Associative” in the settings tab.

Command activation:

 Select “Mirror Geometry” command on “Menu => Insert => Associative Copy => Pattern Face” 

For using Mirror Geometry:

  1. Activate “Mirror Geometry” command
  2. Select bodies to mirror after command activated.  “Select Object” will be highlighted automatically after command activated.
  3. Activate the “Specify Plane” in the “Mirror Plane” tab. To activate this tab:
    1. Click the middle mouse button.
    2. Select “Specify Plane” in the “Mirror Plane” tab.
  4. Define a plane by clicking on the surface or plane.
  5. Click the middle mouse button or “Ok” to finish

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