Siemens NX

2D Synchronous Commands in NX Sketch

Synchronous commands are used to edit existing curves in the NX Sketch.

The modified curve relations change or remove due to modification applied to the curves.

The commands placement:

  • Menu => Edit => Curve => Move Curve
  • (Direct Sketch) Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch Group (Click Down Arrow near the Group)=> Edit Curve => Sketch  Synchronous Commands
  • (Sketch in Task Environment): Home Ribbon Bar => Curve Group => Edit Curve Group => Sketch  Synchronous Commands

The  Synchronous Commands in the Sketch are:

    1) Move Curve

    2) Offset Move Curve

    3) Resize Curve

    4) Delete Curve

    5) Scale Curve

The Synchronous commands usage is nearly similar to the modeling synchronous commands.


  • The dimensions on the modified curves are changed after the synchronous commands are applied to the curve. 
  • The related constraints on the curve will be deleted after the Synchronous commands used on the curve.

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