Siemens NX

Offset Move Curve in NX Sketch

“Offset Move Curve” command offset the selected curves at a specified distance in the NX sketch.
The command might change the curves that are not selected if there is a contact with a selected curve like a tangent, etc…
To activate the “Offset Move Curve” command:

  1. Menu => Edit => Sketch Curve => Offset Move Curve
  2. Home Ribbon Bar => Direct Sketch Group (Click Drop-Down Arrow) => Edit Curve Group => Offset Move Curve

In the figure, the bottom line is selected and only the selected line is moved to create offset at a selected distance.

In the second figure line and fillet are both selected. Two curves were selected but four curves are changed.
Three curves moved to create offset curves.
One curve (fillet on top) only moved. (Offset curve not created on it.)

Important Note:
The selected fillet radius on the bottom changed from Ø10mm to Ø20mm.
The unselected fillet on top moved but the radius fillet value did not change.

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