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Exporting dwg/dxf file in NX

You can export 3d or 2d geometry to an Autocad dwg or dxf files. 

To export dwg/dxf files

  1. Click “AutoCAD DXF/DWG” in File => Export
  2. Export dxf/dwg dialog box will open
  3. Input and Output: lets you select the part to export, the file format, type of data to export, file name, file directory
    • Export To:
      • DXF: Click to export dxf file
      • DWG: Click to export dwg file
    • Export As:
      • 2D: Click to export geometry as 2D 
      • 3D: Click to export geometry as3D 
    • Output to:
      • Modeling: The saved file will be opened in the modeling tab in the Autocad.
      • Layout: Modeling: The saved file will be opened in the Layout tab in the Autocad.
    • Output DWG file: You can choose the file directory and filename
  4. Data to Export: lets you select exporting data.
    • Model Data: exports 3D model of the part
    • Drawing: Exports 2D model of the drafting.
      • Export: selects a drawing sheet to export
        • Current Drawing: exports the sheet in the graphics window.
        • Selected drawing: let you select a drawing sheet to export.
  5. Options: lets you specify dwg file version, spline type, and scale options.
    • DXF/DWG Revision: let you select the AutoCAD file version to export.
  6. Click Finish to export dxf/dwg hile

Note: If you can not open exported dxf/dwg files in other programs, The version of the AutoCAD file might be in the wrong version. To solve this problem change DXF/DWG Revision as 2000.

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