Siemens NX

Remove parts from history in NX

There are several methods to clean parts from history in NX.  But all of the parts in the history will be removed completely. You can clean parts in the history or you can hide “History” from the resource bar

Solution 1:

  • Click “History” bar in the “Resource Bar”
  • Right-click on an empty area in the “History Resource Bar”
  • Select “Clear History”

Solution 2:

  • Right-click on an empty area on the “Resource Bar”
  • Deactivate “History” from the opening list

Solution 3:

  • Right-click on “History” on “Resource Bar”
  • Click on “Hide Tab”

Note: The first solution deletes parts list in history. Other solutions hide the history tab. (Solution 2-3 does not delete parts in history. Only hides)

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