NX 11

Convert to Sheet Metal

Converts solid bodies to a sheet metal bodies by using defined rules in command.

To activate command:

  • Click on command on (When sheet metal application activated.) “ Home => Basic Group => Convert Drop Down => Convert to Sheet Metal”
  • Activate command from “Menu => Insert => Convert => Convert to Sheet Metal”

For making sheet metal model from the solid body by using “Convert to Sheet Metal “ command:

  • First of all, all of the solid body wall thickness should be the same thickness. On the contrary, command gives an error message (The body has a non-uniform thickness or contains edges that need to be ripped. These areas…)
  • Activate the “Convert to Sheet Metal” command.
  • Select “Base Face” on the solid body. (This base face will be the main face when sheet metal flatten.)
  • Define “Bend Relief” in the “Relief” tab. (Round, Square, None) I prefer to use “Round”
  • Click MMB (middle mouse button) or “Ok” to finish.
  • If the model is not suitable for making sheet metal. Message alert will appear on the screen. Check solid body wall thickness or edges.
  • Check sheet metal solid body by using the “Unbend “ command. If it is work, you transform a solid body to a “sheet metal body” successfully. After check model, delete the “Unbend“ command from the part navigator.
  • Inspect model changes carefully. This command changes the model.

Trick 1: If you have problems transforming the solid body to sheet metal. Use the “Thicken” command and set face rule as a “single face. Select faces on the same side of the body. Set thickness value as a sheet metal thickness. Set Boolean setting as a “None”. The new solid body will be created. Hide first solid body and use “Convert to Sheet Metal” command on the new body.

Trick 2: If trick 1 not working. Use the “Extract Geometry” command. Select faces on the same side of the body. Hide first solid body. Activate the “Sew” command and sew all extracted surfaces. Use the “Thicken” command on extracted surfaces. Use the “Convert to Sheet Metal” command on the new solid body. Hide Sheet bodies

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