NX 11

Opening File

There are several ways for opening existing part

-Click on the open button on the Ribbon Bar
– Click “File => Open” (on the top left of the screen)
– Click “Menu => File => Open”
– Press <Ctrl + O>
-Double click NX file (I don’t use and not recommend. Part file opens too slow)
– Click the “Open a Recent Part” button and select the part that you want to open from the opening dialogue list.
– Open History Palette, find the part, and click. The figure is shown below.
– Open NX. An open folder that contains the NX part file, then click and drag the NX file to the opened the NX screen. The NX Gateway screen should be opened. (If you click and drag a part file on the NX screen that part file opened, the opened file on the screen will be transformed to the assembly part and the part you drag will be component in the assembly part. ) 

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