NX 11

Starting Assembly

There are different ways to start assembly modeling.

For starting assembly at a new part

  • File=>new (New part window will be open)
  • Select assembly
  • Select folder for the file to be saved
  • Type assembly file name
  • Double click on “Assembly” or click OK after assembly selected

Unlike other programs, you can change the opened modeling file to the assembly file. You can activate assembly commands in modeling.

To activate assembly commands

  • File=>Preferences=>Assemblies
  • Click Assemblies icon in the Application ribbon bar
  • For older versions press “A”

Assembly tab will appear on the top bar after “Assemblies selected. If you don’t see “Assemblies” tab on the ribbon bar, click the right mouse button on top of the ribbon bar (near tabs) and select assemblies

Also, basic assembly functions will be added on end of the “Home” ribbon bar.

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