NX 11

Resize Face

You can change hole diameters by using the “Resize Face” command. The circle center stays constant.

Command activation:

  • Click on Resize Face in “Home Ribbon Bar => More (in Synchronous Modelling group) => Resize Face
  • Select Resize Face command from “Menu => Insert => Synchronous Modelling => Resize Face”

For Using Resize face command:

  • Select Resize Face command
  • Select Faces to change diameter.
    • Equal diameters will found and selected automatically. If you want to select one or specified holes, remove click near “Equal Radius” box
    • Type new diameter in diameter box. (In diameter box selected face diameter will appear after first selection of the hole)

Sometimes, in complex parts, I use this command to see holes If they have the same diameter or not. The holes with the same diameter colors change to orange. (There should be a click near equal radius)

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