NX 11


For creating a sketch click sketch” or “sketch in task environment” then select the plane or surface that sketch will be created on it.

For opening sketch:

  • select <sketch> in home toolbar
  • Select menu => insert => “sketch” or “sketch in task environment”

There are two different way for creating sketch.

  • Sketch in task environment: You can not change or delete features out of the sketch. I prefer to use <Sketch in task environment> because it is safer and protects you from changing or deleting previous features of the model. You are free to move in the sketch. ( It is currently hidden in the toolbar. You can find and add toolbar by searching in the command finder )
  • Sketch: It is in the home toolbar. You can select features out of sketch and can delete or change them.

Differences of <sketch> and <sketch in task environment>

  • Sketch in Task Environment: you can not delete or change anything out of the sketch
  • Sketch: It is possible to delete or change previous features of the model

If you create sketch by using <sketch in task environment> when you press ctl+a and then press delete, only drawings in sketch will be delete.
But if you make the same thing in the sketch created by <sketch> all of the model in the part will be deleted.

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