NX 11

Mirror Curve

Mirror command creates a mirror pattern of curves that lie on the sketch. Mirrored curves are directly associated with their symmetry. All changes on the curve will be applied to the symmetry automatically.

There are two ways to start the “Mirror Curve” command.

  1. Click the “Mirror Curve” command on Ribbon Bar.
  2. Select Mirror Curve command from “Menu=>Insert=>Curve from Curves=> Mirror Curve”

“Mirror Curve” dialogue box opens after Mirror Curve command activated. There are three tabs on the command box. (You will see two tabs on your screen. You can open a hidden tab by clicking the right mouse button on the top bar of the Mirror Curve command dialog box as shown in the figure. Select “Mirror Curve (More)” )

  1. Curve to Mirror: You can select curves to mirror from this tab. You can select by clicking on-screen and then dragging the mouse to select curves in the selected area or you can select curve/curves by clicking on it. When you select a line or arc on connected curves, all connected curves will select. It is the reason for “Connected curves” is active on “Selection Dialogue”. You can change the selection method by clicking the “Selection Dialogue” on “Top-Border”
  2. Select Centerline: You can select the centerline for mirroring curves.
  3. Settings: Centerline changes to reference after curves mirrored. If you want to use the centerline in the sketch, you can change this option from settings.  

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