NX 11

Example: Move Component

In this example; I will place the components in the assembly. The screw, washer set will be placed on holes of the case encloser by using the “Move Component” command.

  1. Activate the “Move Component” command. Then select components to move.
  2. Select angle the handle to rotate components. Type 90° on angle box or drag handle to rotate.
  3. Click the “Move Handle Only” box to move to handle freely. Now you can change handle position without any change of component position. Match handle center and washer bottom circle center. (Select handle center then select washer bottom circle center )
  4. Unclick the “Move Handles Only” box. Now components will move with handle. Select the Circle center on the encloser.
  5. Change Mode as “Copy”. (Now every movement of the handle will create new copies of the selected parts)
  6. Select center holes on the encloser. New copies will be created these holes.
  7. Click MMB (middle mouse button) or “Ok” to finish.

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